MR Electronics AB

Custom solutions for every problem.

We take on most projects where control of electronics is a must.

Customized solutions and prototyping are our expretis.

We develop control units for both independent functions and for integration into existing environments.

  • Everything from complete vehicle control down to individual details.
  • Collection of data for screen display or control of display instruments.
  • Simulation of devices that are missing in networks (eg for motor donations).
  • Industrial applications with interconnection / routing of systems that communicate over different protocols.

Previous collaborations

Caresto builds cars from scratch according to customers' high demands. MR Electronics designed a complete control system for electric operation in our Volvo P1800 GTE.
Without the help we received, the project would never have been completed on time and with the quality we demand.

Leif Tufvesson

- Caresto is a company that develops and builds teaching platforms for electric car teaching. In our business, we often need tailor-made special solutions where advanced electronics will work together. To meet these needs, we have received very good help from MR Electronics.

Caspar Hille