MR Electronics AB


Volkswagen Typ 1 Electric

The complete project was carried out, both mechanically and electrically. CAD design and milling of adapter plate and fuse holder, cabling and logic function, design and programming of VCU and driver displays, installation of batteries and contactors. The inverter is controlled by our own VCU, which reads redundant TPS sensors (Throttle Position Sensor), and controls the DC / DC unit. Safety functions and blockages are handled by relay protection. The design meets the safety requirements imposed on electric vehicles. The car is inspected and approved for street use.

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Caresto Volvo P1800 GTE

Design of VCU for control of vehicle functions and completion of CAN networks, interlock circuits and wake-up/standby logic was done.

The VCU communicates, via three CAN interfaces, with two inverters and motors, dashboard, gear selector, BMS, DC / DC unit and HV charger. The system reads and evaluates, among other things, redundant pedal sensors and actively controls the torque distribution between the front and rear axle (up to 80% redistribution) during slip. The default setting for the AWD is adjustable (eg 60/40).

The software handles all motor protection and safety circuits.

The car meets the safety requirements of a modern electric vehicle, it is inspected and approved for street use.

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Training system for students attending vehicle engineering courses

On behalf of, a VCU with dashboard was developed for control of the education platform they have. The dashboard has several screens for more detailed information about the vehicle. In the assignment, various training systems have also been designed, including configuration and demonstration of insulation monitoring, diagnosis of communication between electric car and charging box, demonstration of how CAN communication can work.

All applications have informative touch screens for interaction with students.